Faroe sees ‘outstanding flow rates’ in Brasse appraisal

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Oil and gas company Faroe Petroleum has seen “outstanding flow rates and reservoir quality” in the Brasse appraisal well in the Norwegian North Sea as it gears up for a side-track well. 

The 31/7-2 S well was drilled from the Deepsea Bergen semi-submersible drilling rig.

According to Faroe’s Monday update, the Brasse appraisal well Drill Stem Test (DST) has been completed providing clear evidence of a highly prolific reservoir and excellent quality sands with multi-Darcy permeability at this location.

An extensive data acquisition program was carried out in the well, including the cutting of cores together with a full suite of wireline logs, fluid samples and a DST, the company said.

The well flowed at a constrained maximum stable rate of 6,187 bpd of oil from a 3.6 meters perforated interval, through a 1” choke and with 800 psia at the wellhead. Flow and pressure measurements indicate a prolific reservoir.

The site sampling of the fluid produced during the DST confirms good quality light crude similar to the nearby Brage field (Faroe 14.3%), with the presence of 36.2° API oil with a gas/oil ratio of 887 scf/stb, to be confirmed by onshore laboratory testing. The company added that trace element analysis revealed no undesirable components and the oil flowed sand and water free for the duration of the test.

The Brasse appraisal program will continue now with the drilling of a side-track well, targeting a location approximately 1,000 meters west of the current main well bore. The objective of the side-track is to map the reservoir distribution and further delinate the Brasse structure.

The Brasse field discovery was made by Faroe in 2016 and is located within tie-back distance to existing infrastructure: 13 kilometres to the south of the Brage field platform, in which the company holds a 14.3% working interest and 13 kilometers to the south east of the Oseberg Field Center.

Faroe operator is the operator at Brasse with 50% interest, while the other 50% is held by Point Resources.

Graham Stewart, Chief Executive of Faroe Petroleum commented: “We are very pleased to announce the results of this successful, Faroe-operated, drill stem test on the Brasse field, which significantly de-risks further upside in this reservoir and the license area as a whole.

“The outstanding flow rates and reservoir quality confirmed by this well, located at the periphery of the Brasse field, are very good news and provide valuable information for our planning of the Brasse development project. We now look forward to the results of the imminent side-track with the objective of proving up further potential on this license.”

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