FERC accepts KMLP application

FERC accepts KMLP application

Liquefied Natural Gas Limited said that the US Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has accepted Kinder Morgan Louisiana Pipeline LLC’s application pursuant to Section 7(c) of the Natural Gas Act for the Lake Charles Expansion Project, establishing 1 August 2014 as the deadline by which interested parties must formally intervene and/or submit comments on the filing. KMLP is a wholly owned subsidiary of Kinder Morgan, Inc.

As detailed in the ASX release on 1 July 2014, KMLP’s application seeks FERC’s authorisation to construct and operate the Lake Charles Expansion Project, which would include the installation of compression and other related facilities on the existing KMLP Pipeline, facilitating the full required volumes of natural gas to be transported to the proposed 8 mtpa Magnolia LNG Project, which is located along the Calcasieu River, near Lake Charles, Louisiana, United States of America.

The FERC approval process for the Lake Charles Expansion Project will run in parallel with FERC’s regulatory review of the Magnolia LNG Project. FERC formally accepted the Magnolia LNG application on 15 May 2014, as announced to the ASX.

Press Release, July 14, 2014; Image: Magnolia LNG

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