Gas Leak Shuts Down QGC Rig (Australia)

Gas Leak Shuts Down QGC Rig

QGC said it has suspended operations on a drilling rig in the Surat Basin on Sunday after detecting a gas leak.

QGC’s Senior Vice President, Jim Knudsen, said a 150-metre exclusion zone had also been established around the rig as a precaution while engineers worked on resolving the problem.

The incident occurred during drilling of the Argyle 162 well, about 25km south-west of Chinchilla, on a QGC-owned property.

Nobody has been hurt and the leak is not considered to pose any significant safety risk.

Mr Knudsen said QGC had advised the Queensland Petroleum and Gas Inspectorate and neighbouring landholders.

LNG World News Staff, May 8, 2012; Image: QGC