Gazprom: Southern Corridor Phase 1 Project Documents Ready (Russia)

Gazprom: Southern Corridor Phase 1 Project Documents Ready

Russian gas giant Gazprom said it has completed preparation of the project documents for Phase 1 of the Southern Corridor gas transmission system (GTS).

The documents were submitted to the State Expert Review Board (Glavgosekspertiza) for consideration.

The Southern Corridor will convey gas, inter alia, into South Stream planned for construction ahead of schedule – in December 2012 as assigned by Vladimir Putin, Prime Minister of the Russian Federation. Timely submission of the documents to Russian Glavgosekspertiza is a crucial milestone in Gazprom’s stagewise activities aimed at synchronized construction of the two interrelated gas transmission systems.

According to the schedule, Phase 1 of the Southern Corridor GTS will start as early as in December 2012 to be accomplished in 2015 in parallel with the launch of the South Stream first stage.

Phase 1 of the Southern Corridor project stipulates building a 834 kilometer linepipe between the Pisarevka compressor station (CS) in the Voronezh Oblast and the Russkaya CS in the Krasnodar Krai including construction of four CSs (Shakhtinskaya, Korenovskaya, Kazachya and Russkaya). A 57 kilometer interconnector from the Kubanskaya CS to the Korenovskaya CS will also be constructed within Phase 1. Besides, the existing corridor connecting Petrovsk with Pisarevka will be retrofitted.


LNG World News Staff, March 28, 2012