GMS’ Keloa Moves to ADMA-OPCO Fields Off Abu Dhabi

GMS' Keloa Moves to ADMA-OPCO Fields Off Abu Dhabi

The Abu Dhabi Marine Operating Company (ADMA-OPCO) has signed a three-year contract, with an extension option for a further two years, with Abu Dhabi-based Gulf Marine Services (GMS) whereby the jackup barge Keloa will join ADMA OPCO’s technical support fleet in the Umm Shaif and Zakum fields, offshore Abu Dhabi.

A ceremony marking the new signing was held at GMS’ Mussafah base on March 13th in the presence of ADMA-OPCO’s Senior Vice President (Production) Abdel Aziz Al-Kayoumi, Vice-President (Technical Support) Khaled Al-Qubaisi and GMS’ Chief Executive Duncan Anderson, along with senior executives from the two companies.

Addressing the ceremony, ADMA-OPCO’s Vice-President (Technical Support) Khaled Al-Qubaisi expressed satisfaction with the new addition to the company’s fleet saying: “The new barge Keloa is another big asset that will positively contribute to our ongoing efforts to boost the company’s productive capacity and meet the expectations of our shareholders.

“The track record of achievements we have had over the past years wouldn’t have been possible without the support of our contractors and the synergy of efforts we maintain with our service providers. I am sure this spirit will continue under the new contract with GMS to fulfill the two companies’ goals.”

Mr Abdel Aziz Al-Kayoumi, Senior Vice President (Production) at ADMA OPCO (eighth from left) and Mr Duncan Anderson, Chief Executive at Gulf Marine Services (seventh from left), cut a celebration cake at a ceremony marking the start of a new contract with Gulf Marine Services for jackup barge Keloa, which will shortly join ADMA OPCO’s technical support fleet for offshore maintenance campaigns in Abu Dhabi.  Also present were senior management, team leaders and engineers from ADMA OPCO.

“The new contract fits within the Production Business Unit’s endeavors to provide a range of technical support services to the company’s mature offshore oil and gas producing fields with the objective of ensuring the safe delivery of oil and gas production targets.”

GMS’ Chief Executive Duncan Anderson added: “This is something of a historic moment. GMS has a long history of working in the spirit of partnership with ADMA OPCO, more than 25 years in fact, where we have traditionally provided drilling support services. Now, with Keloa we are providing direct services to ADMA OPCO production for the first time.”

Keloa is self-propelled with Rolls Royce thrusters and can operate completely independently of tugs and mooring systems, thus reducing the cost to the client in the oilfield.  The barge can carry up to 150 people, makes its own fresh water, discharges only clean sewage and has a diesel electric power management system enabling optimization of fuel consumption.  Keloa is ideal for waters in the Middle East, being able to operate in 45m water depth.


Press Release, March 25, 2013: Image source: GMS


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