H7 Platform Removed from German North Sea

Picture The H7 compressor installation removed from the Ekofisk area

The platform (photo above) stood on Norpipe and came on line in 1977. Its compressors were used to maintain pressure in the pipeline, which carries gas from Norway’s Ekofisk area to the Norsea Gas Terminal at Emden in Germany.

The compressors were shut down in 1999, but the installation remained operational until 2007. It was then disconnected from Norpipe and shut down, with all personnel removed.

Statoil has been responsible for the removal project on behalf of H7 operator Gassco, while AF Decom Offshore AS has served as the removal and disposal contractor.

Key sub-contractors are Swire Blue Ocean, which provided the jack-up vessels used for the removal, and Deep Ocean as the company responsible for the project’s subsea operations.

Gassco project manager Alf Kristian Haugaland is satisfied with the way the work was done, and says that everyone involved is worthy of praise.

“Removal of an installation like H7 calls for good and detailed preparations,” he says. “Official processes have also been extensive on both Norwegian and German sides.”

A final decision to remove the platform was taken in October 2010. Remaining work is limited, with clearing of the seabed and some gravel deposition on the site due to be done in September.

“Although a certain amount still has to be completed, we’ll be completing the project in line with the budget,” says Haugaland.

The goal is that 98 per cent of the steel platform jacket and risers will be recycled, along with 94 per cent of the topsides.

Press Release, August 22, 2013



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