Hakuryu-11 Jack-Up En Route to Lundin’s Well in Indonesia

Hakuryu-11 jack-up rig has begun the tow to the Lundin-operated Balqis-1 location in the Baronang Production Sharing Contract (‘PSC’), Republic of Indonesia.

Hakuryu-11 Jack-Up En Route to Lundin's Well in IndonesiaAccording to Nido Petroleum, Lundin’s partner in the field, the Balqis-1 well will be followed by the Boni-1 well which will be drilled as an exploratory side-track well from the same surface location as Balqis-1.
Nido said it would provide a further update to the market on the start of drilling operations at the  Balqis-1 well.


February 05, 2014


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