Technicold by Northern Lights seeks sales and service dealers

Technicold by Northern Lights is actively seeking to add authorized marine air conditioning and refrigeration sales and service dealers across the globe. Founded as Rich Beers Marine, Inc. in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. in 1981, Technicold by Northern Lights is dedicated to producing the highest quality marine climate control systems on the market today.

Technicold’s product line includes a comprehensive line of chilled water, direct expansion and self-contained air conditioning systems from 16,000 to 180,000 BTUs; heavy-duty air handlers (with optional heating elements) and other systems such as fresh air make-up systems, refrigerated sea water systems and hold-over plates. Custom-engineered systems are available in a variety of categories and applications, with new products being actively designed such as load bank systems for optimal generator performance and larger chilled-water systems for megayacht and large commercial projects.

Technicold products, just like Northern Lights generators and Lugger propulsion engines are known for superior engineering and the highest-quality components. Owners and operators of a broad range of marine applications from megayachts and trawlers to sport and commercial fishing vessels all have come to specify and rely on Technicold climate control systems. The new possibilities that have arisen from the ability to have your Northern Lights generator sets and Technicold marine climate control systems custom-engineered, in one complete package, ensure more reliable vessel systems for years to come in any environment.

The wide range of applications and renowned quality of Technicold products make their dealerships highly desirable opportunities worldwide. Qualified candidates should be able to perform sales, installation, service and maintenance on refrigeration and air conditioning systems, associated electrical systems and be licensed to work with Freon and associated chemicals.

Benefits to approved dealers include the right to sell Technicold quality units and parts and to perform installations, aftermarket service and warranty work at an approved dealer rate. Dealers can also be assured of full factory technical and customer service support from both Northern Lights and Technicold headquarters.

Northern Lights’ network of factory authorized generator and engine dealers numbers over 300 and stretches around the globe. Interested applicants for a Technicold dealership should contact [email protected] for more information. Please be sure to provide an outline of your current air conditioning and refrigeration capabilities, including any product lines currently represented.