Gullfaks faults found

Four non-confirmities relating to offshore regulations have been found during an audit of StatoilHydro’s Gullfaks C platform.

One of the defects related to the platform’s firewater system – which was also found to be defective in the Piper Alpha disaster in the UK sector of the North sea 20 years ago this month.

Investigators from Norway’s Petroleum Safety Authority uncovered the defect during a two-day offshore inspection programme between 24 and 26 June on StatoilHydro’s Gullfaks C platform. The offshore visit came at the end of a Gullfaks safety audit programme carried out by the PSA which commenced in April.

During the offshore visit, the PSA found regulatory non-conformities related to the emergency firewater system which would be used in the event of a platform fire or explosion to douse the flames.

Other platform defects related to the safety marking of equipment, a regulatory non-conformity related to processing, and a failure to follow-up on observations made during a technical condition review.

“In connection with the audit we interviewed and talked with relevant personnel, and carried out tests and verifications related to documents and systems,” said the PSA, which in its report declared the four non-conformities and several others matters where it says there was the potential for improvement.

Non-one from StatoilHydro was available to discuss the PSA findings when contacted by s today.