Aker Solutions moves for Marine Contractors

Aker Solutions is set to take full control of Aker Marine Contractors after acquiring 30% of the outstanding shares in the company from Taubåtkompaniet.

Taubåtkompaniet’s remaining 10% share in Aker Marine Contractors has been acquired by Aker Capital which will then be acquired by Aker Solutions, giving it 100% control of the company.

“This acquisition reflects our long term strategy to expand our foothold and further strengthen our position across the value chain of marine operations and oilfield services,” says Mads Andersen, executive vice president of Aker Solutions.

The transactions value Taubåtkompaniet’s previous shareholding in Aker Marine Contractors at NOK 740 million.

Aker Marine Contractors has also entered into a 5-year charter with options with Taubåtkompaniet, for the vessel BOA Deep C.

Aker Marine Contractors has had full marketing control of BOA Deep C since 2004 and since its introduction the vessel has seen almost full utilization.