UPDATE: Maersk Alabama attacked by pirates

The current situation involving the Maersk Alabama has remained much the same throughout the night. The ship’s crewmembers have been accounted for and are safely aboard the vessel. However, the ship’s captain remains in the custody of the pirates, who departed in one of the ship’s encapsulated life boats on April 8.

Our main concern remains the safe return of the captain and our latest communications with the ship indicate that he is unharmed. We are working closely with all involved government agencies, particularly the U.S. Navy, which has arrived on the scene and is taking the lead in working toward the captain’s release.

We continue communicate with crewmembers’ families on the status of their loved ones. Family members of current Maersk Alabama crewmembers seeking additional information can contact MLL’s Family Assistance Hotline at 1-888-354-5274.