Koedood Marine Group is an all-round innovation specialist that combines know-how and expertise with the mindset to find solutions that protect the environment while meeting economic benefits at the same time. The Koedood Marine Group specialists are looking forward to sharing their knowledge with you.

Koedood Marine Group in Hendrik Ido Ambacht has been a leading and innovative company for many years. After founding the company in 1961 by their father, Arie and Bert Koedood extended the family business into an established player when it comes to Mitsubishi shipping, offshore, and industrial engines. Koedood Marine Group is a dynamic and complementary team of subsidiaries that work closely together. Thanks to our team of experts, we are lucky that we can always look forward because, as the most innovative player in the sector, we are up to date with all the ins and outs of current and future developments.

With our motto THINK, INNOVATE, CREATE, Koedood offers innovative and sustainable solutions for every situation. To find the best solution for our clients, we first extensively analyze every project. That is what THINK means to Koedood Marine Group. Improve and add value. Giving specialists the best opportunities that offer new perspectives for the future.

Koedood Marine Group’s clients opt for 24/7 services. To achieve the highest level of uptime, we rely on the robust Mitsubishi engines which are clearly defined by the Japanese persistence to offer top-quality products at all times. Koedood has provided the best services to these engines for more than 40 years, with a team of highly experienced technicians and a broad range of available parts.

INNOVATION is the driving force that makes our company so successful. Following the trend of ‘new shipping’ – electrically powered ships – we are taking big steps towards our vision of an emission-free shipping industry. Koedood Marine Group introduced the world’s first inland vessel powered by a Dual Fuel LNG Diesel engine. Together with subsidiary Emigreen®, which focuses on emission control solutions, Koedood works on a wide range of products to clean exhaust gases, for ship owners up large multinationals. The results are the proof of the pudding and meet the IMO 3 and Stage V requirements.

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