New Van Dam Nordia Flagship on its way

Leading custom yacht builder Van Dam Nordia presents their new flagship, the 120’ Performance Cruiser.

The new Performance Cruiser range of the Van Dam Nordia shipyard has proven to be a successful concept even far before the launch of the first yacht. With the first 70’ Performance Cruiser in the final stage of construction and the second 70’ Performance Cruiser hull nearly finished to be outfitted, the range has somewhat of a flying start.
The range is designed around the Nordia values of high-end build quality, individuality and a maximum amount of comfort, but now with the addition of even more speed and sharper handling characteristics.

The 120’ Performance Cruiser R&D project started shortly after the development of the 70’. All the gathered knowledge about light weight construction was examined more closely and proved itself to be even more successful for the 120’ yacht. The result is a 120’ aluminium sloop with a displacement of just 123 tons (light ship). The yacht is designed with the Van Dam Nordia Ballisto Performance keel that offers an optimal stability and a shallow draft of just 3.5 metres (11,5ft). A Nordia novelty is the optional hydraulic lifting keel which offers even sharper handling characteristics.

Reducing weight, not comfort!

People familiar with Van Dam Nordia yachts know that the yachts are luxuriously fitted with the finest materials and that they are finished with the utmost care. “creating a light weight performance yacht of this size that meets the Nordia standards is certainly not an easy task” says Robin Ten Hoope, Chief designer at Van Dam Nordia. “It would be an easy solution to simply strip most of the interior and call it minimalistic, but I insisted to give the interior the same quality look and feel of a typical Nordia. We have closely examined every part of the yacht’s structure and interior and revaluated every component’s weight and function. We were not looking to ‘shave’ weight of a standard yacht but really focussed on redesigning the entire concept.”
The spacious and light interior is split into two levels with a large lounge area at the lower deck and a dining area in the pilothouse which offers a panoramic scenery. The pilothouse is flooded in daylight because of the large sky-light that offers a spectacular view of the carbon Hall Spars mast and slab-reef boom.

The 120’ Performance Cruiser offers the owners the possibility to freely design the interior layout in order to meet their most discriminating requirements.

For more information and additional images of the 120’ Performance Cruiser you can contact Jacco Jongkind.
Tel: +31-297-324517