Hyundai Samho taps GTT for tank design of ASYAD’s LNG carriers

Korean shipyard Hyundai Samho Heavy Industries (HSHI) has ordered the tank design of two liquefied natural gas (LNG) carriers from French LNG containment specialist GTT.

Illustration only. Courtesy of ASYAD Group

According to GTT’s statement, the tank design order was placed on behalf of a Middle Eastern shipowner at the beginning of 2023.

This coincides with Hyundai Samho’s shipbuilding contract with ASYAD Shipping, a part of Oman’s national logistics provider ASYAD Group, from late December 2022.

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The new 5th generation LNG carriers, due for delivery in the second quarter of 2026, will be added to ASYAD’s fleet as part of an expansion plan to bolster energy logistics capabilities and meet increasing global demand.

GTT will design the tanks of these two vessels, which will each offer a capacity of 174,000 cbm. The tanks will be fitted with the Mark III Flex membrane containment system developed by GTT.

Earlier this month, Hyundai Samho also ordered the tank design of a new LNG carrier which is intended for the European shipowner TMS Cardiff.