Iran: SP Phase 12 to Start Gas Production Next Month

SP Phase 12 to Start Gas Production Next Month

Phase 12, of the massive South Pars gas field, is expected to start sour gas production next month.

Development of Phase 12  is 92.6 percent completed and its sour gas will be delivered to the refinery for processing.

Before the start of the cold season in Iran, this phase will start producing 500 mcf/d of gas to be injected into the national pipeline. The single-point mooring (SPM) of Phase 12 has been installed and its Platform A is close to coming on-stream. From its twelve wells, the field is expected to deliver one billion cubic feet a day of gas onshore.

This output will start with 13 mcm/d and will reach its maximum capacity in two months.

After platforms B and C have become operational in Phase 12 of South Pars, the production from this phase will soar to 70 mcm/d.

Phase 12 of South Pars is planned to produce 75 mcm/d of rich gas for delivery to the national pipeline and liquefied natural gas (LNG) production plants.

The national pipeline will receive 25 mcm/d of gas with the rest going to LNG plants.

This phase is also forecasted to produce 120,000 b/d of gas condensate and 750 tons a day of sulfur.

LNG World News Staff, October 30, 2013; Image: POGC