Iran to export LNG through Oman

One-third of Iranian natural gas exports to Oman is planned to be converted to LNG, according to National Iranian Gas Export company’s managing director, Alireza Kameli. 

“Iran has undertaken to pump 28 million cubic meters of gas per day to Oman and it is likely that about 25 to 30 percent will be allocated to LNG,” Kameli said.

NIGC said in a statement on Monday that 10 billion cubic meters will be transported annually via a pipeline which will be constructed jointly between the two countries.

Kameli said the pipeline project to carry Iran’s gas to Oman is under study in its sea section, and added, “Iran is planned to use the vacant LNG producing capacity of Oman to export its natural gas and pay the conversion fees.”

Petroleum minister Bijan Zangeneh said that within the next ten days Iran will commence negotiations on how to use Oman’s vacant LNG capacity.


LNG World News Staff