Italy: Vessel Alfredo Receives Specifically Designed Propeller and Shaft Lines

Vessel Alfredo Receives Specifically Designed Propeller and Shaft Lines

Eliche Radice provided propeller and shaft lines for vessel Alfredo which were specifically designed and manufactured in all its characteristics. A 60m long and 2200 gt motor barge, the Alfredo is equipped for international navigation, intended to provide offshore support activities for companies engaged in oil and gas exploration, in construction work or in floating platform work at deep sea.

The peculiarity of the type of service which this vessel is designed for, is that it requires a propulsion system capable of generating the maximum thrust. Despite the design speed in navigation being 12 knots, its “special purpose” characteristics demand a high propulsion efficiency.

The ship, built by Victoria Shipyard in Adria for LMD Dredging and Maritime Works, has specific equipment to operate in any situation, carrying heavy loads on deck. One design feature is the presence of two propulsion engine rooms, each independent of the other so as to allow the full functionality of the vessel in the case of one of them failing. Eliche Radice has found the solutions to this design choice by defining all the details of the propulsion system, constructing the shaft lines and fixed pitch propellers in such a way as to grant continuous service even with one of the engine rooms completely non functional.


Shipbuilding Tribune Staff, May 10, 2012