JF Subsea Clears UXO at Nordergrunde OWF Site

James Fisher Subsea has secured work off the coast of Germany to help clear unexploded ordnance (UXOs) from the site of the proposed Nordergrunde wind farm.

The contract, with German wind farm developer, wpd, required the JF Subsea team to locate, excavate, and identify targets so any unexploded devices could be safely detonated by German authorities.

Two vessels were deployed for the work, both with ROV teams onboard.

Bob Macmillan, technical diving director at JF Subsea said, “Although much of the ordnance we retrieved turned out to be normal debris (such as anchors, chains and wires), the area is littered with UXOs (shells and grenades from both world wars) and our search identified 37 positive targets – some with multiple devices.”

Bob added: “Many wind farms in this area face these UXO problems, and the additional experience we are getting with this contract puts us in a great position to tender for more contracts of a similar nature in the future.”