Jiangsu Rudong JV pipeline company set up

CNPC said that the Jiangsu Rudong JV pipeline company was officially established in Shanghai by PetroChina, Shenergy and Yangkou Port, with each holding a share of 50%, 40%, and 10% respectively.

The newly established JV will invest, build and operate the Rudong-Haimen-Chongming gas pipeline, which starts from the initial station of output pipeline at the Rudong LNG terminals, Jiangsu Province, and runs through Rudong, Tongzhou, and Haimen, where the pipeline crosses the Yangtze River to enter the Chongming Island in Shanghai, the company said in a statement.

The pipeline has a total length of around 90km, a designed pressure of 10MPa, a pipe diameter of 610mm, and a designed annual delivery capacity of 1.84 billion cubic meters.

The directional drilling crossing of 3,440m at the Yangtze River was completed at the end of January.


Image: CNPC