Lukoil reaches plateau level production at V. Filanovsky

Lukoil, Russia’s largest privately-held oil company, has constructed and commissioned the third well at the second development stage of the Vladimir Filanovsky field in the Caspian Sea.

Lukoil said last Friday that the new well was a bilateral horizontal oil producing well.

The length of the main wellbore is 3,795 meters while the lateral is 3,762 meters long. Well’s initial flow rate exceeded 3.2 thousand tonnes of oil per day. Following the launch of the well, the field’s average daily production reached its plateau level.

In total, the construction of eight wells is planned at the field’s second development stage including six producing and two injection wells to maintain the plateau oil production level of 6 million tonnes per year. Earlier this year, one production and one injection well had already been launched.

The company commissioned the first Phase 2 production well in late January. Drilling of the well began in early December.

Lukoil added on Friday that the construction of wellhead platform was underway at the Astrakhan shipyards as part of the field’s third development stage.

As for the Vladimir Filanovsky field, it is considered the largest post-Soviet discovery in Russia. Commercial operation of the field, with C1+C2 reserves, equals 129 million tonnes of oil and 30 billion cubic meters of gas.

The field is located in the northern Caspian Sea, 220 km away from the city of Astrakhan. Water depth in the field’s area ranges from seven to 11 meters.

The field is being developed in the three phases. Phase 1 facilities were commissioned in 2016 and included a fixed ice-resistant platform, an accommodation block platform, a riser block and a central processing platform. Eight wells were drilled at Phase 1, six of them are production and two injection wells.