Maersk Forza in Russian Helicopter Salvage

A Russian Mi-8 helicopter, operated by Konvers-Avia, that went missing on October 26, has been found on the ocean floor north-east of Heerodden, Svalbard, at a depth of 209 meters.

The helicopter was on its way from Pyramiden, an abandoned Russian mining site, to Barentsburg when it fell into the sea, with eight people on board.

The body of one man was found on the ocean floor, around 130 meters from the helicopter, using a remotely operated vehicle (ROV).

According to the latest reports, the search and rescue team are still looking for other seven individuals, who are presumed dead.

Accident Investigation Board Norway (AIBN) has contracted the subsea construction vessel Maersk Forza to attempt to recover the helicopter.

The vessel is en route to Hammerfest where the personnel from the AIBN will board it and plan the recovery work during the voyage to Svalbard.

Subsea World News Staff