Maersk orders BHGE equipment for Tyra redevelopment

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Baker Hughes, a GE company (BHGE) has entered into a contract with Maersk Oil, a Danish oil company, to support the redevelopment of the Tyra field in the Danish North Sea.

BHGE will deliver an integrated scope of turbomachinery equipment for the topside production facility of the Tyra field redevelopment project, in the Danish North Sea, including seven compression trains featuring BCL centrifugal compressors driven by GE Power high speed electric motors; three gas turbine generator sets; and two turbo expanders.

The compressor technology uses an active magnetic bearing (AMB) solution for both driver and driven equipment, and BHGE will supply AMB applications through a license-based partnership with SKF, manufacture and sale of active magnetic bearings and magnetic bearing control technologies.

“Adopting an AMB and high-speed electric motor configuration provides Maersk with an optimized, oil-less solution that eliminates lubricant materials and reduces the weight, footprint and maintenance costs for the equipment on the platform’s topside,” BHGE said.

On the power generation side, BHGE will supply the aeroderivative gas turbine, which is derived directly from GE Aviation’s aircraft engines and is a lighter, compact and more efficient option.

The equipment will be manufactured, packaged and tested in the BHGE Turbomachinery & Process Solutions centers of excellence of Florence, Italy and Le Creusot, France.



The redevelopment of Tyra, 225 km west of Esbjerg, will cost around $3.36 billion. It will ensure continued production from Denmark’s largest gas field, and will protect and rejuvenate important Danish North Sea infrastructure.

The redeveloped Tyra is expected to deliver approximately 60.000 barrels of oil equivalent per day at peak, and it is estimated that the redevelopment can enable the production of more than 200 million barrels of oil equivalent. Approximately 2/3 of the production is expected to be gas and the rest to be oil.

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