Malaysia: MISC Berhad Picks Inmarsat XpressLink Service for Its LNG Tankers

MISC Berhad Picks Inmarsat XpressLink Service for Its LNG Tankers

Inmarsat, the leading provider of global mobile satellite communications services, announced that leading Malaysian shipping conglomerate MISC Berhad has signed up 46 of its vessels, comprised of chemical and LNG tankers, for Inmarsat’s XpressLink™ service. Additionally, within the scope of the agreement, there is potential for future opportunities and new deployments with the MISC Group.

The XpressLink solution from Inmarsat is a fully integrated and managed combination of VSAT and market-leading FleetBroadband™ delivering unlimited data availability across the world’s oceans. It includes an option for MISC Berhad to double its available bandwidth at a pre-determined monthly rate when Inmarsat’s Global Xpress® constellation becomes commercially available from 2014.

Captain S Rajalingam, Vice President Fleet Management System at MISC Berhad commented: “It is important for us to have ample bandwidth to manage our ship and shore operational systems and meet the communication needs of our seafarers at sea. During our sea trials, we compared XpressLink with a number of competitive offerings and XpressLink impressed us with its performance. Inmarsat XpressLink offered the best value proposition delivering reliable, unlimited data usage on both the VSAT and FleetBroadband services.”

Inmarsat XpressLink is a communications solution designed to take the maritime customer into the future. It combines Inmarsat’s high volume Ku-band VSAT system with the versatility of FleetBroadband in a single package. The integration of both Inmarsat services means that ship and shore communications can be seamlessly and professionally managed and supported end-to-end thanks to Inmarsat’s state-of-the-art global infrastructure. The dual system design also results in unmatched redundancy delivering near 99.9% uptime.

Frank Coles, President of Inmarsat Maritime, said: “We launched Inmarsat XpressLink in response to the growing need for unlimited high speed communications in the worldwide shipping market. Crew welfare and the need for increased operational efficiency are key drivers in the market, and with XpressLink, we can provide a future-proof communications platform.”

Coles continued: “Inmarsat already has a strong relationship with MISC Berhad, and this latest endorsement in the form of a new commitment for XpressLink is very gratifying.”

LNG World News Staff, August 08, 2012; Image: MISC Berhad


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