MeyGen project rocks on

Atlantis is working along the offshore cable route of the Meygen tidal energy project off Caithness, Scotland.

Last week, the project’s team was checking MeyGen’s liner pipes to confirm they are ready to host the subsea cables.

Engineers working on the project are using rock bags to secure subsea liner pipes before the cable installation, Atlantis informed via social media. The rock bags will be placed underneath the bell mouths of the HDD liner pipes.

In July, Atlantis completed the Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) of four bore holes, 550 m long each, from the foreshore into the inner sound and down to the seabed with subsea exits on all four bore holes.

James Fisher Marine Services Limited, is in charge of the installation of subsea cables, as well as MeyGen’s foundations and turbines.

Tidal Energy Today Staff; Images: Atlantis Resources