THREE60 secures contract with EMEC to advance marine energy projects

THREE60 secures contract with EMEC to advance marine energy projects

Aberdeen-based THREE60 Energy has been awarded a three-year contract with the Orkney-based European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) to deliver electrical services to support the demonstration of renewable energy projects.

Source: Three60 Energy

THREE60 reported in May that this contract stands as a milestone in advancing sustainable energy solutions in Scotland, and is a way to drive innovation in the renewable energy sector.

Using its expertise in electrical engineering, renewable energy technologies, and project management, THREE60 said it would help EMEC accelerate the deployment of marine energy technologies, such as wave and tidal energy in the European market.

“We are thrilled to continue to support our long-standing relationship with EMEC, which continues to support our local team in Orkney, a team we hope will continue to grow,” said Scott Roy, Strategic Development Director at THREE60. 

“This partnership not only reflects our shared vision for a sustainable future but also highlights the confidence placed in THREE60’s capabilities to deliver electrical services to support client connections at EMEC’s test sites and training for EMEC’s personnel. Together with EMEC, we work to drive the adoption of marine energy technologies and pave the way for a cleaner, greener tomorrow.“

The three-year contract represents a long-term commitment between THREE60 and EMEC to work together on renewable energy projects, focusing on electrical services.

“We are pleased to contract THREE60 Energy on the provision of essential electrical services at our wave and tidal energy test sites,” said Jonathan Lindsay, Operations and Technology Director at EMEC. 

“Their deep understanding of our test site infrastructure, including our substations and subsea cables, makes them an ideal partner. By supporting the connection of wave and tidal energy technologies at our sites, THREE60 are supporting the development of the marine energy sector which will ultimately contribute to Europe’s renewable energy targets and help mitigate climate change.”

Recently, EMEC outlined a set of manifesto asks for the July 4, 2024, general election to unlock green growth opportunities in ocean energy arenas in the UK waters.

The manifesto asks, which EMEC described as “key” ones, have been designed to cover areas enabling Britain to unleash its full renewable and marine energy potential, lending a helping hand on the UK’s journey to net zero.

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