Minister Seeney: Changing Laws on CSG Development Desperate Act of Failing Government (Australia)

Minister Seeney Changing Laws on CSG Development Desperate Act of Failing Government

Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Federal Environment Minister Tony Burke’s move to change laws to approve or reject coal seam gas (CSG) development is a desperate act from a failing government, Deputy Premier Jeff Seeney said today.

“Today the Prime Minister, through her Environment Minister, has sought to trade off the economic future of Queensland for cheap political gain,” Mr Seeney said.

“Unfortunately the CSG industry has always been susceptible to scare campaigns and this is yet another example of desperate people in Canberra looking to create controversy around sensitive issues to try to detract from their own poor performance.

“Minister Burke has always sought to make it difficult for our government to boost Queensland’s economy and this is yet another one of his attempts to override the sovereign state for his political agenda.

“The Prime Minister and her failing Labor government got the fright of their lives last weekend from the election results in Western Australia and they are looking for diversions to steer attention away from failure after failure.”

Mr Seeney said since coming to government, the LNP had established the Gasfields Commission to allow communities and industry to better coexist.

“The government has also released the DNRM Coal Seam Gas Engagement and Compliance Plan 2013, a key part of our overall strategy for the responsible oversight and regulation of the CSG industry,” he said.

“The CSG industry in Queensland has rapidly been getting runs on the board and there are enough facts and data to make it difficult for the doomsayers and scaremongers’ claims to have any credibility.”

LNG World News Staff, March 12, 2013; Image: