Photo: Illustration (Source: Nexans)

Nexans rolls out solution against cable theft

Nexans has introduced Vigishield, a range of protection measures and solutions, in order to prevent cable theft.

The solution is said to provide complete protection against cable theft with a wide range of security measures and anti-theft solutions suited to each client.

“In recent years, cable theft has intensified around the world, largely due to rising global copper prices. With the cost of raw copper reaching close to $10,000 per ton, these thefts represent billions of euros in losses for the various players in the industry”, Nexans said.

“To anticipate these risks and protect against them, Nexans provides now a range of new solutions to our clients, from manufacturing right through to operation”.

The Vigishield solution includes permanent surveillance of cables anywhere in the world, total control of projects and deadlines, and a reduction of direct and indirect costs due to cable theft.

It features tracking and geolocation solutions, motion detection, and real-time alert technologies to provide clients with 24/7 protection, managing all aspects of the surveillance and protection of cables.

“This portfolio of solutions uses innovative cable monitoring and tracking technology to ensure clients’ cables and operations are truly secure. As well as delivering all-round peace of mind, it also enables better project and risk management and drives better performance right along the line”, said Olivier Pinto, Nexans’ group innovation director.

According to Nexans, the launch of the Vigishield solution is part of the company’s strategy and purpose, to accelerate its innovation and “electrify the future”.

To remind, back in June the company took delivery of the newbuild DP3 cable laying vessel (CLV) Nexans Aurora as a part of this strategy.

Its first assignment will be the installation of the export cables at the 1,075 MW Seagreen offshore wind farm in Scotland.

The vessel will also work on the Crete-Attica interconnector in Greece and the Empire offshore wind project in the U.S.