NWS partners ink Pluto feed gas deals with WA government

NWS partners ink Pluto feed gas deals with WA government

Woodside Burrup and the North West Shelf (NWS) project participants have finalized arrangements with the Western Australian Government enabling the supply of Pluto feed gas.

Courtesy of Woodside
NWS partners ink Pluto feed gas deals WA government
Courtesy of Woodside

The volumes will be delivered via an interconnector pipeline, for processing at the NWS project’s Karratha gas plant (KGP).

These arrangements follow the execution of a fully termed gas processing agreement in December 2020 between Woodside Burrup and the NWS project participants to process approximately 3 million tonnes of LNG in aggregate and approximately 24.7 petajoules of domestic gas at KGP in the processing period (2022 to 2025).

Woodside has also agreed with the state to market and make available an additional 45.6 petajoules of domestic gas from its existing NWS equity position from 2025.

Woodside CEO Peter Coleman, said, “Connecting the Pluto and NWS facilities accelerates the production of offshore Pluto gas and provides flexible access to emerging LNG processing capacity. The Pluto-KGP Interconnector is the first step in realizing our vision for a regional LNG hub on the Burrup Peninsula.”

Woodside noted in its statement on Friday that construction commenced this month on the additional infrastructure required at KGP and the five-kilometer, 30-inch Pluto-KGP Interconnector.

The interconnector pipeline will be constructed along the existing Dampier to Bunbury Natural Gas Pipeline corridor.

The start-up of the Pluto-KGP Interconnector is targeted in 2022.

The NWS project participants are Woodside Energy (Operator; 16.67% per cent), BHP Billiton Petroleum (16.67 per cent); BP Developments Australia (16.67), Chevron Australia (16.67 per cent), Japan Australia LNG (16.67 per cent) and Shell Australia (16.67 per cent).

Woodside Burrup holds a 90 per cent interest in Pluto LNG and operates the Pluto LNG facilities.