Alain Wassink

13:30 – 13:45 | Wednesday 29 November | The Stage | GustoMSC

Commercial Director

Alain Wassink is Commercial Director at GustoMSC, a division of NOV. In this role, he oversees GustoMSC’s operations in the offshore construction and maintenance sectors, with a particular focus on developing new concepts for the offshore construction and SOV (Service Operation Vessel) markets within the NOV organization. Alain Wassink boasts a strong background in naval architecture and project management and was involved in several innovative projects, including the design of the Seaway Strashnov.


“With the Enhydra series, we are delivering the next evolution of offshore wind support vessels. The Enhydra MSOV will allow wind operators to use the modular capabilities to manage even unplanned operations. The increased workability and versatility of the Enhydra MSOV will provide a cost-effective year-round working platform covering the life cycle of the wind farm.”