Chiel van Daelen

16:30 – 16:40 | Tuesday 28 November | The Stage | TrustLube


Chiel van Daelen is CEO and founder of the TrustLube Group. When he visited a cutter suction dredger in Dubai in 2003, he was surprised by the excessive amount of grease onboard the ship. It was the start to develop an innovative lubrication system. Twenty years later, TrustLube is grown into a well known supplier with offices in The Netherlands and Singapore.

TrustLube designs, produces and installs automatic lubrication systems. Their products apply the correct amount of lubricant, without missing a millimeter. And they digitally monitor all systems. This way they provide real-time insight. Their innovative solutions minimize ear, ensure maximum uptime and perform under the most extreme conditions.


“Offshore, where conditions are tough, our lubrication solutions stands tougher.”