Ernst Visser

10:00 | Tuesday 28 November | The Stage | Navingo BV

Managing Director

Ernst Visser is Managing Director of Navingo, the media company for the offshore and maritime industry. Navingo provides relevant industry news via her news platforms and is the proud producer and organizer of Offshore Energy Exhibition & Conference. Ernst has a background in Finance, Commercial and General Management. After his studies at Erasmus University in Rotterdam in ‘99, Ernst worked at various companies (a.o. HAL, Shell, Pon) and started his own business Scale Up Support in 2017. As of April this year, Ernst was appointed MD for Navingo and loves to be working in the middle of the Offshore Energy and Maritime industry again. Ernst lives in Rotterdam and likes spending time with his family and friends.


“I don’t believe in ‘Winner takes all’. With the North Sea being the powerhouse of the future, each country has a role to play. Only through collaboration we can accelerate towards a sustainable energy mix.”