Henk van Elburg

13:30 – 14:30 | Wednesday 29 November | Conference | Netherlands Enterprise Agency

Senior Project Officer

I am now a senior consultant at the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (formerly NL Agency), a department of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs. I am involved in the effort of the Dutch government to guarantee a successful voluntary introduction of smart metering in the Netherlands from a customer point of view. My main responsibility is the international dissemination of the Dutch offshore wind policy development to other governments and associated partners and improving of bilateral relations on offshore wind energy, especially in Asia because of the central role of Asian governments in the economy and the energy sector in particular. This way the Netherlands Entrerprise Agency also supports the Dutch private sector and strengthens the position of the Netherlands as a leading offshore wind country in general. This could lead to many economic benefits for the Netherlands, ranging from attracting foreign investments in offshore wind projects to export of offshore wind related products and services.
I am also involved in the monitoring of relevant market supply developments related to smart metering services in combination with consumer acceptance and household energy savings resulting from the installation of smart meters and marketing of associated energy management products and services.