Jan Vos

15:15 – 15:30 | Tuesday 28 November | The Stage | NWEA

Chairman of the board

Jan Vos is a Dutch entrepreneur and politician. He founded several IT and investment companies and he was a member of the Netherlands parliament (Climate and Energy) from 2012-2017. He was responsible for bringing legislation through the Dutch parliament to enable a.o. the Dutch decision to phase out combustion engines for cars (2015), close all Dutch coal plants (2017) and for setting up the ambitious plan (2013) to realize 10 GW in wind power (realized in 2023).

Vos is currently chairman of the board of the Netherlands Wind Energy Association, vice-chairman of the NVDE, board member of the TKI Offshore, president of MoneyPhone BV and president of the board of directors of MP Microfinance Bank Ltd. in Kigali, Rwanda.


“The story of wind energy in the Netherlands is a success story.”