Maarten Lobregt

10:15 – 10:45 | Tuesday 28 November | The Stage | DecomCockpit & ECHT

Technical Advisor (offshore) wind

Maarten Lobregt is an involved and enthusiastic go-getter, working as Technical Advisor on behalf of the company ECHT. With a background in civil engineering, he is involved in projects where technology and cooperation go hand in hand. His expertise entails many facets in renewable energy with a focus on (offshore) wind, varying from working on site in turbines as a technical specialist, being offshore on a technical or ecological mission and working for tenders at developer’s offices to material processing with recyclers.

During the past few years Maarten has developed a good insight in materials which he likes to use at the drawing board. A thorough understanding of wind turbines and BoP is important to understand how to decommission and process a wind turbine the best possible way. Working with re-used, repaired or recycled materials presents different challenges than working with brand-new materials. One of the initiatives to innovate and improve on the circular processing of used materials in the wind industry is the co-operation between ECHT, Jansen Recycling Group, Sif and CRC called DecomCockpit.


“Recycling is the last step in circular processing. Aiming for recycling is just the bare minimum.”