Richard Parkinson

10:00 – 11:00 | Wednesday 29 November | The Stage | Inyanga Marine

Managing Director

Richard Parkinson is a highly-skilled Master Mariner and entrepreneur specializing in complex offshore and subsea operations. Richard’s offshore career started in 1984 working initially on BP Tankers, progressing to Master on Anchor Handling Tug Supply vessels, heavy lift/ construction barges in the offshore oil industry- North Sea, SE Asia and West Africa. Subsequently, he worked as a tow-master- rig-moves, and offshore construction manager on a wide range of offshore and subsea operations. In 2004, Richard founded Mojo Maritime and developed the business into a very successful marine project management company specializing in the installation of offshore renewable energy projects (wind, wave and tidal). He has lead the business to growth and expansion taking on highly complex subsea operations in the marine/ offshore energy sector providing leadership and innovation in the business. Richard sold Mojo to James Fisher Marine Services in 2015. Subsequently, Richard has established Inyanga-Tech Ltd specializing in project management of marine energy projects. Richard has installed more marine renewables devices than any individual in the last decade. With over 30 years offshore experience Richard is industry renowned for delivering complex offshore projects with a hands-on approach. More recently Richard has been leading the development of the HydroWing Tidal energy Technology in combination with Tocardo Tidal Turbines with a focus on overcoming the market barriers towards delivering commercial Tidal energy projects.