Ruben Dijkstra

14:00 – 15:00 | Tuesday 28 November | Conference | Ørsted

Managing Director Benelux

Ruben Dijkstra is Managing Director Benelux at Ørsted. Ruben’s key responsibility is to further develop and grow the business in the Netherlands and Belgium, which have a combined offshore wind target of more than 25 GW by 2030. Ruben is a highly recognized and experienced industry leader who holds a track record in developing and realising a portfolio of offshore wind projects in North-West Europe. He holds Master degrees In Mechanical Engineering and Financial Management.


“We stand in front of an immense build-out of offshore wind, needed to deliver on climate action, energy security, and economic opportunity. But close cooperation between governments and the sector is required for the offshore wind industry to deliver. As the global leader in offshore wind, Ørsted has presented a plan how to navigate the storm facing the offshore wind industry. First and foremost we need to focus on creating industrial demand for green electrons and molecules. We also need to frontload tender volumes to create long-term visibility for the supply chain which helps to unlock investments in production and installation capacities. We also need to continue focus tender designs on building offshore wind within the limits of the energy system and ecological system and avoid artificially increasing the costs of the energy transition with uncapped concession payments.”