Vladimir Vukovic

12:45 – 13:30 Innovators Pitches | Wednesday 29 November | The Stage | V-LAB Ltd


Dr Vladimir (Vlad) Vukovic, the Project Manager for SafeSite innovation, stands at the forefront of driving progress. As the Founding Director of V-LAB Ltd and Senior Research Lecturer at Teesside University, specialising in Building Information Modelling (BIM) and Energy Reduction in the Built Environment, Vlad expertly combines research, education, and strategic commercialisation efforts. With a distinguished background in Architectural Engineering from Pennsylvania State University USA and a doctoral thesis focused on AI applications for office workers’ health and safety, Vlad’s research extends across sustainable building design and operation, covering AI, BIM, digital construction twins, predictive controls, indoor environmental quality, energy efficiency, and augmented reality applications. With over 15 years dedicated to impactful research in sustainable building environments and a notable project portfolio surpassing ¬£100 million, coupled with 50+ peer-reviewed papers and a pivotal role as a reviewer and evaluator for esteemed agencies like UNDP, Vlad stands as an exemplar in the field, driving transformative progress and innovation.


“Revolutionising training in Virtual Reality for offshore construction workers using Artificial Intelligence.”