Photo: Image courtesy of Oil Search

Oil Search hits more gas in Papua New Guinea

The Papua New Guinea-focused oil and gas producer and PNG LNG stakeholder, Oil Search, git gas at the Kimu 2 well in PRL 8. 

The well was spudded on April 22 with an objective to test the potential resource upside in the field and assist in selecting the optimal commercialisation pathway for the resource.

The well reached a total depth of 1,943 meters on May 20, 2018, the company said in a statement.

The well encountered gas in the target Alene reservoir and the provisional interpretation of the Alene sandstone at this location is that it has similar reservoir properties to Kimu 1 and a slightly greater reservoir thickness. In addition, the reservoir appears to be in pressure communication with Kimu 1.

Cores and logs were acquired and a drill stem test undertaken over the Alene sandstone interval, which flowed at a continuous rate of 34.5 mmscf/day over a 72-hour period through a 1-inch choke.

Oil Search added that the Kimu 2 well will be plugged and abandoned as planned.

Evaluation of the well data acquired has now commenced and will be used for the assessment options for the commercialization of the Kimu field.


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