Oman LNG Gets New CEO

Oman LNG Gets New CEO

Harib Al Kitani has been named the new Chief Executive Officer of Oman LNG.

Al Kitani’s appointment essentially makes him the first Omani national to lead Oman LNG, representing the largest of Sultanate’s liquefied natural gas (LNG) companies, a key component in the country’s thriving energy sector. At the helm of Oman’s second source of income and its largest private investor in social development, Harib is poised to lead Oman LNG into its next phase.

His appointment comes with the critical task of overseeing the merger between Oman LNG and its sister company, Qalhat LNG, where Harib was President and Chief Executive Officer since the inception of the company 7 years ago. The fusion is set to further harmonise already existing synergies between both companies in terms of plant operations, shareholding and enhance Oman’s global market presence and penetration.

Mr. Al Kitani has a strong footing in the LNG business. Joining Oman LNG in 1995 as Deputy Manager Marketing. He soon became the company’s Marketing and Shipping Manager, strengthening its position in key markets such as Korea and Japan and started LNG cargoes Swapping and Diversions activities with different parties in the industry bringing more value to the shareholders. He also spent 3 years at Shell International in London working in various positions including LNG Global Business Adviser and Manager of Suape project in Brazil.

Al Kitani was formerly Chief Executive Officer at Qalhat LNG from 2004 where he has successfully steered the company’s affairs since, enabling it to win a string of energy awards and achieve major commercial milestones including acquisition of a 10% stake in Japan’s Senboku Natural Gas Power Generation Company and various other investments that the company is enjoying at the moment.

“I have had the pleasure of working with Harib on a number of occasions during the past five years and I am happy that he and his team, will shepherd the transition of both Oman and Qalhat LNG companies to becoming one strong entity, able to deliver greater value from liquefied natural gas for the Sultanate of Oman and its people ,” said Brian Buckley.

Obviously, Oman LNG has always been home to me and this appointment is an honour and a trust from the Government of Oman and other shareholders which I appreciate very much. With the team, I look forward to building a stronger company that will continue to be a reliable supplier to our customers with greater revenue contribution to the Sultanate for the benefit of its people, With the challenges ahead in the markets, potential of more gas in Oman and integration of our two companies, the future provides a lot of opportunities for growth and development of our people” said Harib Al Kitani.

Oman LNG is a joint-venture with a shareholding structure comprising the Government of Oman (51%), Shell Gas B.V (30%), Total S.A. (5.54%), Korea LNG (5%), Mitsubishi Corporation (2.77%), Mitsui & Co. (2.77%), Patex (Oman) Corporation 2%, and Itochu (0.92%).

The company also owns a 36.8% stake in Qalhat LNG, which has the following additional shareholders: Government of Oman, 46.84%; Union Fenosa, 7.36%; Itochu Corporation, 3%; Osaka Gas, 3%; and Mitsubishi Corporation, 3%.


LNG World News Staff, September 9, 2012; Image: Oman LNG