One of World’s Most Eco-Friendly Vessels Havila Charisma Named

Havila Charisma is perhaps the most environmentally friendly vessel in the world, says CEO Njal Savik of Havila Shipping. Photo is taken during the sea trials of the ship.

“This is the most environmentally friendly vessel that Havila has ever ordered. It is perhaps one of the most environmentally friendly vessels in the world,” says CEO Njål Sævik of Havila Shipping.

«Havila Charisma» was named in a ceremony on Bryggen in Bergen, Norway last weekend. The vessel is of a Havyard 833 L design and has been constructed at Havyard Group`s own shipyard in Leirvik in Sogn, Norway.

CEO Njål Sævik of Havila Shipping says that the shipping company decided to develop and offer a newbuild to Statoil as they announced a tender for a five-year contract.

“We decided to construct a vessel that met all the requirements of Statoil`s tender. «Havila Charisma» won the contract as the only newbuild in competition with two existing vessels,” says Sævik.

«Havila Charisma», of a Havyard 833 L design, has been constructed at Havyard Ship Technology in Leirvik. After the naming ceremony, the vessel sailed straight into work on a long-term contract for Statoil, and in its initial period the ship will do work from the Mongstad base.

“This design was already partially developed, but we wanted to adapt the ship to fit with the Statoil tender, amongst other things in terms of the fuel consumption and the flexibility of transporting various types of cargo on board,” says Sævik, who also emphasizes that «Havila Charisma» really is a winner in terms of the environment.

“«Havila Charisma» is a flexible vessel able to perform a variety of tasks. We have optimised the vessel in order to get it as good as possible for the conditions in which the ship will sail in. Based on previous experiences, we have now optimized the shape of the hull. The diesel generators running the ship are developed and outfitted for major reductions in emissions of environmentally harmful gases,” Sævik explains.

Sævik also emphasizes that it is important for Havila to put great focus on the environment. These are demands that customers like Statoil put onto the shipping companies. “It is vital for us to think in terms of the environment. Havila has a modern fleet and I believe we are amongst the most environmentally friendly shipping companies today. Based on the latest test measurements we have done, I would claim that «Havila Charisma» is among the most environmentally friendly vessels of the world,” he says.

The measurements carried out on «Havila Charisma» during its test voyage have been made based on real loading conditions that a vessel experiences during operations, instead of an ordinary test run condition, which is not as relevant. “It has been very important to test out the fuel consumption during realistic loading conditions. The measurement parameters show fuel consumption that is even lower than we expected, a very pleasing aspect for everyone involved,” Sævik says.

The new ship was delivered from Havyard to Havila at the unique time of 12.12 pm on the 12th of the 12th in year 12. This was also several days ahead of scheduled delivery date. “The vessel was delivered before it was actually due and we are impressed by the effort and work of Havyard, and we are in particular impressed by the project team. We have had a great cooperation all along and we think Havyard has delivered a very good product,” Sævik says.

Yard Director Trygve Solaas of Havyard Ship Technology in Leirvik, explains:

“We have enjoyed an excellent dialogue and cooperation with the shipping company from the start and everything has gone to plan. We managed to deliver a finished and well tested vessel before it was due, something we are proud of.”

The Yard Director also points out that there will be an even greater focus on green technology in the future and on so-called «green vessels» An important element here is the reduction of dangerous gas emissions.

The tests that were carried out during the sea trials before delivery showed extremely low levels of nitrous gas emissions. Statoil demands a 90 % NOX reduction. «Havila Charisma» performed excellent sea trials with an impressive 99.8 % NOX-reduction. Another field in which the vessel achieved exceptionally good results is within the accommodation`s noise- and vibration level. «Havila Charisma» was specified to meet DNV`s Comfort V (3) class, but with the technical and practical solutions chosen for this vessel during the construction period, the solutions proved to satisfy the demands of a higher class, the Comfort V (2).

“We are convinced that the shipping company, Statoil and not least the ship`s crew will hugely appreciate this when the ship is now in operation. «Havila Charisma» really is a unique vessel of its class,” Yard Director Trygve Solaas concludes.

Facts Havyard 833 L

– Length: 92.8 m

– Breadth: 19.6 m

– Deadweight: Around 5000 tonnes

– Deck area: Around 1000 m2

– Crew: 27 persons


Press Release, December 18, 2012