Illustration/Oneka Technologies' wave energy-drive desalination platform (Courtesy of Oneka Technologies)

Oneka takes helm of $10M wave energy-desalination project in Canada

Oneka Technologies, a developer of wave-powered desalination solutions, has teamed up with Canada’s Ocean Supercluster on a new project whose aim is to scale up the company’s wave energy-driven desalination technology to utility scale.

Illustration/Oneka Technologies' wave energy-drive desalination platform (Courtesy of Oneka Technologies)
Illustration/Oneka Technologies' wave energy-drive desalination platform (Courtesy of Oneka Technologies)
Illustration/Oneka Technologies’ wave energy-drive desalination platform (Courtesy of Oneka Technologies)

The Ca$14.1 million ($10.3 million) scheme – dubbed the Oneka Glacier Project – will see Oneka Technologies working with project partner AF Theriault, which will support the manufacturing of the hull and structure of the Glacier system, designed to make the ocean a sustainable and affordable source of freshwater.

Another project partner, H2O Innovation, will provide the process plant for the desalination portion of the Glacier technology, while the City of Barrington in Nova Scotia, which acts as the government partner in the project, will provide a coastal site for buoy installation at Cape Sable Island.

Out of the total project value, Canada’s Ocean Supercluster will provide Ca$6.7 million ($4.9 million) in funding with the balance of coming from project partners.

Since the ocean contains almost all the world’s water and approximately half the world’s population lives within 100 kilometers of a coast, there is a significant opportunity for portable, modular, energy efficient desalination plants in coastal areas.

The project team will use breakthrough technology to harness wave power to produce fresh water, producing no GHG emissions, requiring minimal land, and employing responsible brine-using modular units for water-scarce regions globally while also reducing water costs by two-thirds or more in identified markets.

Through the Oneka Glacier Project and the technological advancements it employs, Canada can become the global hub of ocean-supplied sustainable freshwater for coastal populations and industries by exporting this high-value technology around the world, helping realize its ambition of bringing fresh water to all communities, according to the project partners.

François-Philippe Champagne, Canada’s minister for innovation, science and industry, said: “Through this investment, our government is supporting breakthrough wave-power technology that will enable the production of fresh water at a very low cost and without GHG emissions. Scaling up this project is key for the company’s ability to create well-paying jobs, accelerate its commercialization efforts and seize export opportunities.”

Dragan Tutic, CEO and founder of Oneka Technologies, added: “As Canadians, we are privileged with an abundance of freshwater. However, freshwater scarcity is one of the world’s greatest 21st century challenges.

“I am proud that we team up with incredible partners, H2O Innovation and AF Theriault to develop our Glacier unit and bring our know-how and expertise to the rest of the world.

“Propelled by the invaluable help of Canada’s Ocean Supercluster, this sustainable source of water will make coastal populations and industries across the globe, including the Barrington Municipality, in Nova Scotia, more resilient to impacts of climate change.”

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