Ørsted Allots Fifteen Burbo Bank Extension Fund Grants

Ørsted has awarded grants to fifteen local organisations around Liverpool Bay, UK, as part of its Burbo Bank Extension Community Fund.

Each of the recipients will receive a share of the GBP 112,500 windfall available under the fifth round of grants awarded by the fund.

Natasha Nanuck, Ørsted’s Stakeholder Advisor, said: “The regions in which we operate are at the heart of our business, so as well as bringing skilled jobs, and engaging with young people through our education partnerships, we support local organisations through this community benefit fund.” 

According to Ørsted, the next round of funding is now open, where another GBP 112,500 will be available. The closing date for applications is 28 March 2018.

The 15 new projects awarded in the latest round join 58 other groups who have already benefited from grant support through the fund which has given away over GBP 560,000 since it launched in May 2015, Ørsted said.

Each year for the expected 25-year lifetime of the Burbo Bank Extension offshore wind farm, approximately GBP 225,000 will be made available for community projects meant to benefit the local area.