PERS Certification for Dunkerque Port

In line with the commitments of the PA2D (Sustainable Development and Action Plan), Port of Dunkerque has received the EcoPorts network’s PERS certification (Port Environmental Review System), granted by the ESPO (European Sea Ports Organisation).

According to the port’s latest release, this environmental management certification, specific to the port sector, attests to correct compliance with current rules and standards, and rewards involvement in projects and initiatives for better environmental performance in ports.

This European recognition also stresses the environmental and innovative actions that have been carried out by the port for nearly ten years as part of its activities.

Purposeful and often unprecedented initiatives have emerged in favor of sustainable development:

  • optimized management of dredging sediment (Dredging Master Plan),
  • improvement in quality of port water (Sewerage Master Plan),
  • consideration of biodiversity upstream of development projects (Natural Heritage Master Plan),
  • collection of waste from ships, knowledge and management of the coastline, greenhouse gas inventory, and soon the opening of a Port Center.

Port of Dunkerque said that the PERS will prove to be an effective tool, complementing the port’s other planning tools, and creating with them a firm basis for the CAP 2020 project (project for a new dock and new infrastructures for the container sector at Dunkirk) to limit its environmental impact through the definition of concrete solutions.