Petronas puts lightweight AUV to test

Petronas puts lightweight AUVs to test

A Kuala Lumpur-headquartered company has delivered a subsea pipeline inspection using lightweight autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) for Malaysia’s state-owned energy giant Petronas.

Source: NJ Petroniaga

NJ Petroniaga announced it had delivered the “innovative” subsea pipeline inspection for Petronas Gas Berhad from October 15 to October 25.

The AUVs were delivered by Blue Ocean Marine Services for the activities that took place in Penang and Melaka.

Source: NJ Petroniaga

The project is said to mark a historic moment in the field of subsea pipeline inspection as it was Petronas’ first venture in this domain.

“The AUV technology not only streamlined the inspection process but also delivered impeccable results, firmly establishing a new industry standard for efficiency and precision,” NJ Petroniaga said. “A heartfelt appreciation to our remarkable team and partners for their hard work and dedication.”