Primeline in LS36-1 gas field production trials (China)

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Primeline Energy Holdings Inc. has announced that the trial production of gas from the LS36-1 gas field has now started.

Primeline in LS36-1 gas field production trials (China)

As previously announced, with the completion of the last section of the gas sales pipeline and connection to the provincial gas grid, the LS36-1 gas field development was completed on 1st July 2014. Since then CNOOC Limited, as operator, and the downstream buyer, Zhejiang Provincial Gas Development Co., started joint commissioning of the upstream and downstream facilities and trial gas production from the LS36-1 gas field started on July 16, 2014.

The LS36-1 gas field is located in 84m of water in the East China Sea about 150km from the major city Wenzhou. The field was discovered by Primeline and has been developed by CNOOC, as operator, the Company and Primeline Petroleum Corp. The Development comprises a production platform with four production wells, a subsea pipeline and an onshore processing terminal. The gas is being sold to Zhejiang Gas, the owner and operator of the Zhejiang Provincial Gas Grid. Formal start of production will be announced after the completion of joint commissioning and the smooth operation of the equipment in this trial period of production.

Press Release, July 22, 2014


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