SADRA to Complete Aframax Tankers for Venezuela on Time

SADRA to Complete Aframax Tankers for Venezuela on Time

The Managing Director of Iran’s Marine Industrial Company (SADRA) Mehdi E’tesam said on Wednesday that locally made Aframax ships would be handed to Venezuela on time.

He said Iran would hand three 113-tone Aframax locally made ships to Venezuela in due time and added, “The first ship launched into water would be handed to Venezuela next year. I hope all three Aframax ships would be delivered by the next three years.” “We have made the best efforts to use the outmost potentials to build the ships,“ he noted.

An Aframax ship is an oil tanker which is smaller than 120,000 metric tons and with a breadth above 32.31 meters. The term is based on the Average Freight Rate Assessment (AFRA) tanker rate system. Aframax class tankers are largely used in the basins of the Black Sea, the North Sea, the Caribbean Sea, the China Sea and the Mediterranean. Non-OPEC exporting countries may require the use of Aframax tankers because the harbors and canals through which these countries export their oil are too small to accommodate very-large crude carriers (VLCC) and ultra-large crude carriers (ULCCs).

Iran marine industrial company (SADRA) started its operation in 1968 in Bushehr, Southern Iran aiming to build and repair ships. Urgency to use the country`s potentials in oil and gas in Persian Gulf and Caspian Sea and necessity of forming the related industries, SADRA expanded its operation to the off shore industries.

This company is now working in three main fields of construction and repair of different vessels, construction of various oil and gas platforms and execution of infrastructure projects.

IT possesses shipyards and marine equipment in both Persian Gulf (Bushehr) and Caspian Sea.

SADRA’s main missions are to design and execute oil, gas and petrochemical projects, design, construction and installation projects. SADRA’s main goals are being one of the main contractors of oil, gas and petrochemical projects, effectively participating in the international arenas and successfully executing projects outside of our borders.

This firm has accomplished more than 150 large and small projects in the offshore industry so far.


Source: isna, November 10, 2011; Image:sadra