Senators call for Trump administration to stay out of FERC’s Jordan Cove LNG deicision

Senators call for Trump administration to stay out of FERC's Jordan Cove LNG deicision
Image courtesy of FERC

U.S. Senators Ron Wyden and Jeffrey Merkley sent a letter to the president Donald Trump, demanding the administration allows the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to carry out the Jordan Cove LNG review “without political interference.”

According to the letter, The Washington Post reported that members of Trump’s administration met with Jordan Cove LNG officials, and afterward said the administration plans to approve the LNG export plant, proposed for Coos Bay, Oregon.

Senators stressed FERC is an independent agency charged with permitting future LNG and hydropower projects.

In order to properly assess and permit these projects, FERC must determine the public benefit of all project.

The commission denied Jordan Cove LNG’s initial application last year based on a lack of public benefit, primarily because the pipeline’s construction could impact area landowners.

The project plans to file a formal application on August 30, 2017, to construct and operate a 233-mile-long 36-inch-diameter pipeline and a 7.8 mtpa LNG export plant.

“While considerable local support exists for this project, Jordan Cove must demonstrate to FERC that there is credible public interest for granting the project’s necessary permits,” the letter states.

Senators added that FERC’s decision should take into account Jordan Cove’s recent actions to prove its viability and weigh the environmental and property rights concerns of local residents opposed to this proposal.

“We respectfully insist FERC carry out its review of Jordan Cove’s application without political interference from your or those in your administration,” the letter tp president Trump reads.