South Korea: DSME’s Allseas Project Gets Underway

DSME's Allseas Project Gets Underway

Hull No. 3401 Allseas Pieter Schelte Project’s float joining process started on 26th November. This is the biggest project ever constructed at the Okpo shipyard. It will be 328m long, 117m wide, and 30m high so it will completely fill the No.1 dock after the float joining.

DSME won the Allseas project in 2010 and it will be the world’s biggest platform decommissioning and pipe laying vessel. The total weight will be approximately 240,000 tons so it is seven times bigger than a drilling rig. It is also possible for it to lift an offshore platform top side weighing up to 48,000 tons and install or decommission it on the sea. After delivery, its name will enter the Guinness Book of Records as the biggest vessel in the world.

DSME patented three methods of construction to assist with the float joining. The methods patented are the huge block joining technology on the float, the special equipment for the float joining, and the use of temporary rubber fenders. 12Y and 13Y, two huge blocks, were launched from the No.3 and No.4 Royal dock. These Blocks required adjusted accuracy on the float so the new block joining technology was needed.

DSME also developed special equipment such as a bumper guide and setting guide. These guides help to prevent collisions and made it easier to adjust the block level and improve welding accuracy. DSME also manufactured temporary rubber fenders and installed them on the hull side. They were useful for the tug boat when pushing and moving. They will be removed after the re-docking in the No.1 dry dock is finished which will help keep the construction on schedule.


DSME, December 12, 2012