Sunlit Sea’s 60kWp floating solar unit in Mannheim, Germany (Courtesy of Sunlit Sea)

Sunlit Sea installs 60kWp floating solar unit in Germany

Norwegian company Sunlit Sea has installed a 60kWp floating solar unit in Germany as part of the partnership with Rixen Cableway, formed to revolutionize water sports industry and to make it more sustainable.

Sunlit Sea’s 60kWp floating solar unit in Mannheim, Germany (Courtesy of Sunlit Sea)

As part of the collaboration between the two parties, Rixen Cableway has purchased a state-of-the-art 60kWp floating solar installation from Sunlit Sea for the first cablepark, located in Mannheim, Germany.

The partnership marks a significant milestone in the water sports industry, combining the expertise and innovations of two renowned companies to create sustainable water-skiing solutions.

The installation of Sunlit Sea’s prefabricated floating solar hardware at Wakeboarding Mannheim demonstrates the fusion of renewable energy technology with cutting-edge water sports infrastructure.

The 60kWp floating solar installation in Mannheim is a testament to the transformative potential of the partnership. Harnessing solar energy through Sunlit Sea’s unit will not only provide renewable power for the water ski facility but also contribute to reducing its carbon footprint.

Commenting on the collaboration, Sunlit Sea’s CEO, Per Lindberg, said: “We are very pleased with the collaboration with Rixen Cableway. Rixen has proven to be a collaborative and forward-leaning partner, with an eye for synergies between our two companies.

“Rixen has received the goods and, after a few instructions from our installation crew, has become a proficient installer of Sunlit Seas’ floating solar solution. Personally, I am looking forward to more and larger installations together with Rixen in the near future.”

Wolfgang Lunghamer, Rixen Cableway’s technical leader, added: “Over the past few months we have completed our first project with Sunlit Sea. We needed to find a product that both supplies our cable system with electricity and breaks the waves generated by riders.

“The Sunlit Sea modules met these requirements perfectly. The excellent workmanship, smart appearance and ease of installation are further advantages of the modules. We are looking forward to the next projects with Sunlit Sea.”

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