Ten Devices Installed at Swedish Wave Energy Park

In early July 2014, Seabased installed the first ten wave energy converters (WECs) outside Smögen/Kungshamn, Sotenäs Municipality, Västra Götaland County, Sweden. 

Ten Devices Installed at Swedish Wave Energy Park

The operation took two days and the generators are now installed in the southeastern part of the park. In the next few months, a further thirty units will be installed and anchored with buoys. The units will then be connected to a substation and a land cable.

Wave energy generators are placed on the seabed and connected to the buoys on the surface that capture the wave motion energy, transforming this into electrical energy. The wave devices will be connected through a switch system, which sends AC power through a 9.5 km long subsea cable to the electricity grid on land.

The wave energy project is a collaboration between Swedish companies Fortum and Seabased AB. In May, Seabased signed a deal to supply its wave energy technology to a wave energy project in Ghana.

Press release, August 18, 2014; Image: Seabased
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